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About us

Hangzhou Sciendy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to promote loss prevention solution for over a decade. Founded in 2005, Sciendy was established with the resolution to offer comprehensive, customized and innovative loss prevention solutions to our clients. Our factory covers 8,000 square meters with a full set of original production facilities, equipment and testing instruments, and our daily output reaches 500,000 tagging products. As a recognized company in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) industry, we have been specializing in developing a range of products such as EAS RF/AM System, RF/AM Hard Tags, RF/AM Labels, RFID Tags, Etc.

Why choose us

  •  We provide premium loss prevention solutions for all kinds of retailors, no matter the size, we are able to tailor a specific solution to meet your needs. We can help retailers to deter and detect theft, allowing customers to browse openly displayed merchandise, and help retailers to preserve the store’s bottom line.

  • We use high quality raw materials to produce the most durable products, which are also environmentally friendly. We have strict quality control system, you can buy our products with confidence, for which has achieved CE and ISO certificates.

  • We have an ethos that could make customers satisfied with our moderately priced but increasingly sophisticated products.

  • We always aim at providing timely and quality service to clients including product installation and after-sale support. Our staff and management are easily contactable by internet live chat, direct phone lines or online contact forms. We guarantee that the goods is shipping on time as we agreed.

Our factory

As the leading company in China's EAS industry, our factory occupies 8,000 square meters with over 70 experienced employees, equipped with 2 fully self-developed automatic production lines, more than ten injection molding machines and ultrasonic welding machines and several testing equipment. All these enable us to reach 500,000pcs tags daily output beside other EAS product.

Our team

We are equipped with more than 70 experienced employees, and they are the most powerful wealth of our company. The Sciendy team is motivated, dedicated and united and we value and reward our people who deliver outstanding results. We attach great importance to employees’ development, so we often organize training activities to provide staff with a platform to learn the new ideas and technology, through which we can improve the production and research capacity continuously. In our company, innovation is the core of our products. We have a professional and enthusiastic R&D team with advanced facilities and laboratory, and they are always ready to provide clients with the most durable and fashionable design products. We together create technology that develops the most useful, effective and intelligent loss prevention solutions for retail.

Our intellectual property

We have always been updating our products. We have obtained about 20 utility patent and invention patent of our products during the recent 7 years approved by domestic and international patent offices. We were still applying for some patents of new product concepts every year. We have our unique trademarks in China, and we are trying to register foreign trademarks worldwide, like the European Union, America, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile etc.

Our partners

We are the professional manufacturer of loss prevention solutions. We offer comprehensive security solutions which can be applied in various occasions, such as Hypermarket & Supermarket, apparel store, pharmaceutical, optical shop, cosmetic shop, library etc...We provide loss prevention solution for retailors all over the world, and build business relationships with many famous companies like Walmart, Tesco, Carrefour, LOTUS, RT-MART, IKEA, FENDI, NIKE, Adidas and New Balance.

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